Born:  February 3, 1942       Male       E9-882
       Place of Birth:  Sarollie's camp
       Resides:  Inukjuak
       Sculpture, Drawings, Prints, Printmaking
       Daniel's brother was carver Johnny Inukpuk Jr.  In addition to his carving and
       printmaking, Daniel also worked in the Inukjuak print shop.  His wife Mary is 
       also an artist.                                                               

       1967                                   Eskimo Sculpture
                                                   Winnipeg Art Gallery                              
                                                   presented at the Manitoba Legislative             
                                                   Winnipeg, Manitoba
                                                   (illustrated catalogue)
       1972                                   The Toronto-Dominion Bank Collection
                                                   Toronto-Dominion Bank                             
                                                   Toronto, Ontario
                                                   (illustrated catalogue)
       1973, 1974                        Arctic Quebec Print Collection II
                                                   (annual collection)                               
                                                   (illustrated catalogue)
       1973, 1974, 1975             Arctic Quebec Print Collection
                                                   (annual collection)                               
                                                   (illustrated catalogue)
       Dec 1973 - Jan 1974        Les Eskimos/De Eskimo's
                                                   Studio 44 - Passage 44                            
                                                   Brussels, Belgium
                                                   (illustrated catalogue)
       1976                                   Inoucdjouac Print Collection
                                                   (annual collection)                               
                                                   (illustrated catalogue)
       Oct - Nov 1976                  Selections from the Toronto-Dominion
                                                   Collection of Eskimo Art                          
                                                   National Arts Centre                              
                                                   Ottawa, Ontario
       Nov 1976 - Jan 1977        Port Harrison/Inoucdjouac
                                                   Winnipeg Art Gallery                              
                                                   Winnipeg, Manitoba
                                                   (illustrated catalogue)
       Jan 1977 - Jun 1982         The Inuit Print/L'estampe inuit
                                                   Department of Indian Affairs and                  
                                                   Northern Development and the                      
                                                   National Museum of Man                            
                                                   Ottawa, Ontario
                                                   (illustrated catalogue)
       August 1978                       Inuit Games and Contests: The Clifford E.
                                                    Lee Collection of Prints                          
                                                   University of Alberta                             
                                                   Edmonton, Alberta
                                                   (illustrated catalogue)
       Nov - Dec 1978                  Polar Vision: Canadian Eskimo Graphics
                                                   Jerusalem Artists' House Museum                   
                                                   Jerusalem, Israel
                                                   (illustrated catalogue)
       March - April 1979            Canadian Eskimo Art: a representative
                                                   exhibition from the collection of Professor       
                                                   and Mrs. Philip Gray                              
                                                   Fine Arts Gallery, Montana State                  
                                                   Bozeman, Montana, U.S.A.
       1980                                   Eskimo Prints from Nouveau-Quebec 1974-1978
                                                   Ufundi Gallery                                    
                                                   Ottawa, Ontario
       Apr 1981 - Mar 1982        Inuit Art: A Selection of Inuit Art from
                                                   the Collection of the National Museum of          
                                                   Man, Ottawa, and the Rothmans Permanent           
                                                   Collection of Inuit Sculpture, Canada             
                                                   National Museum of Man, Ottawa and                
                                                   Rothmans of Pall Mall Canada Ltd.                 
                                                   Toronto, Ontario
                                                   (illustrated catalogue)
       June 1981                          Transformation
                                                   The Arctic Circle                                 
                                                   Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.
                                                   (illustrated brochure)
       July - August 1981             Eskimo Games: Graphics and Sculpture/
                                                   Giuochi Eschimesi: grafiche e sculture            
                                                   National Gallery of Modern Art                    
                                                   Rome, Italy
                                                   (illustrated catalogue)
       1983                                   Hunter of the Sacred Game: Traditional
                                                   Life on the Land                                  
                                                   Organized by the Arts and Learning                
                                                   Services Foundation                               
                                                   Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.A.
       June 1983                          An Enduring Tradition: Inuit Carving from
                                                   Arctic Quebec                                     
                                                   Inuit Gallery of Vancouver                        
                                                   Vancouver, British Columbia
                                                   (illustrated catalogue)
       June 1984                          Demons and Spirits and those who
                                                   wrestled with them                                
                                                   The Arctic Circle                                 
                                                   Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

       July 1984                            Treasures from Canada's Arctic
                                                   Heritage Place                                    
                                                   Uxbridge, Ontario
       October 1984                    Inuit Art from Arctic Quebec
                                                   La Federation des Cooperatives du                 
                                                   presented at the Canada Trade Centre              
                                                   Tokyo, Japan
       March - May 1985             Uumajut: Animal Imagery in Inuit Art
                                                   Winnipeg Art Gallery                              
                                                   Winnipeg, Manitoba
                                                   (illustrated catalogue)
       January 1986                     Inukpuk Family Sculpture
                                                   Arctic Artistry                                   
                                                   Hartsdale, New York, U.S.A.
       Jan - Feb 1986                  Inuit:  Eskimo Art of Arctic Canada
                                                   Miharudo Gallery                                  
                                                   Mejiro, Japan
       May - June 1986                Northern Exposure: Inuit Images of Travel  
                                                   Burnaby Art Gallery                               
                                                   Burnaby, British Columbia
                                                   (illustrated catalogue)
       Oct - Nov 1986                  The Art of the Eskimo
                                                   Newman Galleries                                  
                                                   Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
       October 1988                    Tundra & Ice: Stone Images of
                                                   Animals and Man                                   
                                                   presented by Orca Aart at the                     
                                                   Adventurers' Club                                 
                                                   Chicago, Illinois

       October 1988                     Inuit Legends in Stone
                                                   Canadian Guild of Crafts Quebec                   
                                                   Montreal, Quebec
                                                   (illustrated brochure)
       February 1989                   Arctic Images: Major Sculptures by Canada's
                                                    Leading Contemporary Eskimo (Inuit) Artists       
                                                   at D/Erlien Fine Art Limited                      
                                                   presented by Orca Aart, Chicago                   
                                                   Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S.A.
       February - March 1989      Young Sculptors from Inoucdjouac:
                                                    Jobie Ohaituk, Daniel Inukpuk, Samson             
                                                   The Guild Shop                                    
                                                   Toronto, Ontario
       April 1989                           Collecting Inuit Art - Shifting Perceptions 
                                                   Agnes Etherington Art Centre,                     
                                                   Queen's University                                
                                                   Kingston, Ontario
                                                   (illustrated catalogue)
       Nov - Dec 1990                 Art Inuit:  Autour de la Collection de Cape Dorset 1990  
                                                   Presented by l'Iglou Art Esquimau, Douai          
                                                   at Centre Culturel Canadien                       
                                                   Paris, France
       April - May 1991               Art Inuit
                                                   Presented by l'Iglou Art Esquimau, Douai          
                                                   at Palais de l'Europe                             
                                                   Le Touquet, France
       May - June 1991               Art Inuit
                                                   Presented by l'Iglou Art Esquimau, Douai          
                                                   at La Halle aux Bles                              
                                                   Saint Malo, France

       June - August 1991          Aux frontieres de l'imaginaire inuit
                                                   Galerie du Trait-Carre                            
                                                   Charlesbourg, Quebec
                                                   (illustrated brochure)
       July 1991                           Art Inuit
                                                   Presented by l'Iglou Art Esquimau, Douai          
                                                   at Chapelle de la Visitation                      
                                                   Thonon, France
       July - August 1991            Glaciopolis:  Art Inuit
                                                   Presented by l'Iglou Art Esquimau, Douai          
                                                   at Maison de Pesey                                
                                                   Les Arcs, France
       Nov 1991 - Mar 1992       Moving Around the Form:
                                                   Inuit Sculpture and Prints                        
                                                   Agnes Etherington Art Centre                      
                                                   Queen's University                                
                                                   Kingston, Ontario
       Nov 1993 - Mar 1994       The Inuit Imagination
                                                   Winnipeg Art Gallery                              
                                                   Winnipeg, Manitoba
       Sep - Oct 1994                  Kunst van de Inuit Eskimo's
                                                   Gemeentelijk Kunstcentrum                         
                                                   Huis Hellemans                                    
                                                   Edegem, Belgium
                                                   (illustrated brochure)
       Nov 1995 - Jan 1996        Qiviuq: A Legend in Art
                                                   Carleton University Art Gallery                   
                                                   Ottawa, Ontario
       Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario      
       Anchorage Museum of History and Art, Anchorage, Alaska, U.S.A.     
       Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Ontario   
       Art Gallery of York University, Downsview, Ontario     
       Avataq Cultural Institute, Montreal, Quebec   
       Canadian Museum of Civilization, Hull, Quebec       
       Dennos Museum Center, Northwestern Michigan College, Traverse City, Michigan, U.S.A. 
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       Musee de la civilisation, Quebec City, Quebec   
       National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario         
       Red Deer and District Museum and Archives, Red Deer, Alberta 
       Toronto Board of Education Archives and Museum, Toronto, Ontario  
       Toronto-Dominion Bank Collection, Toronto, Ontario   
       University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta   
       Winnipeg Art Gallery, Winnipeg, Manitoba  

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