Life Giving Water II


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Born: June 4, 1943 Male E2-391 Place of Birth: Black River area Resides: Baker Lake Drawings, Prints, Printmaking, Sculpture William began carving and drawing in 1963 and has devoted himself to graphic art since 1970. Typical of his drawings are the depiction of skeletons and internal organs of shamans and animals. In addition to his art work, William enjoys hunting and fishing and has been active in community affairs. From July 1978 to May 1979 he was president of Canadian Arctic Producers. William has also been president of the Sanavik Cooperative and a former Chairman of the Baker Lake Hamlet Council. William also comes from a family of well-known Inuit artists: he is the son of Jessie Oonark, and the brother of Victoria Mamnguqsualuk, Janet Kigusiaq, Nancy Pukingrnak, Peggy Qablunaaq, Mary Yuusipik, Josiah Nuilaalik and Miriam Qiyuk. His wife Martha is also a printmaker.

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